I Know the Perfect Stylist for You!

Ashlie Vaughan

Ashlie is an experienced stylist who specializes in men's grooming and color. She's a proud nerd who loves learning new things and you will leave her chair feeling fresh and inspired.

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Heather Loeb

Heather is a talented stylist who can tackle any project from a short cut to a color transformation. She's an avid reader and music enthusiast and can fill you in on all the local happenings.

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Julia Thayer

Julia is the queen of healthy blonde hair and color makeovers. Sitting in her chair will make you feel like family.


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Krystal Bilbo

Krystal is a well-rounded stylist who excels at men's and women's cuts and color. She is also a bibliophile and is a great conversationalist.

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Megan Lopez

Megan is a passionate stylist who loves all hair textures. She is skilled at all hair types but has a special love for cutting and coloring curly hair. 


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Savannah Williams

Savannah was raised in her family's salon and has developed a special skill for vivid color. She will never compromise the health of your hair in pursuit of your dreams.

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